Smoking E-Cigarettes or "Vaping" is becoming more and more popular because of the over 3000 carcinogenic elements found in todays Cigarettes. Now the big tobacco companies have added yet another new chemical to "analog" Cigarettes that make the Cigarette go out if not puffed on within a short period of time. With vaping you have nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol (a common food additive) and that is it. Because you are not burning anything and there is no second hand smoke. You can vape anywhere at anytime without disturbing anyone or breaking any laws. Imagine being able to satisfy your nicotine craving at work, while relaxing after a meal in restaurants or in the car. Anywhere you want. Without disturbing others. No more smelly ashtrays. No more Cigarette burns or odor in your clothes or furniture.

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